IMPERIOR- Men's Fashion Jewellery Brand

IMPERIOR, a medieval fashion jewellery brand

It was revolving around the spirit of aristocracy is founded in 2009.

This Medieval Fashion Jewellery brand was inspired by the Royal treasures of the time period of “The imperial Age of Empire”, the period between light & dark where lots of Royal luxury collectibles were secretly hidden.

We feature  fashion jewelry like men’s & ladies fashion necklaces, bracelet, earrings and badges…Each design of IMPERIOR medieval fashion jewelry are absolutely unique and are strictly created by unique technology & craft techniques.

 To ensure high quality and imply the Taste of Royalty, we mainly use 925 sterling silver and there is also a use of other gemstones such as agate and crystals.This season, IMPERIOR released a limited series of medieval fashion jewellery collection with the theme:

「The Secret Behind Imperial Age…」

 With various, brilliant unique styles of mid-century Europe.The first series, IMPERIOR fashion jewellery collection comes with a limited IMPERIOR EST2009 bronze plate for any set of jewellery.

We seek and welcome Wholesaler / Retailer /Direct Reseller to promote our products and to diverse the distribution channels worldwide. For enquiry, please email: or

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